Mighty Women of Gospel

Inspiring, Dynamic, Uplifting and Magnificent…

Temecula Mass Choir 2009

Gospel Youth Choir 2009

Oak Grove

Performance Team 2009

Teresa Taylor

and One Heart from the Rock Church

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Robynne French

She has been a guest performer at several churches throughout California and has sung the National Anthem for the Lake Elsinore Storm and for other venues in the Valley. Robynne was the 2008-2009 National American Miss – National Talent Winner/Princess Division and is a 3-Time Top Ten finalist for the Inland and O.C. Icon Youth Vocal Competitions. She was also the 2007 National American Miss-California State Princess Talent Winner.Her influences are Jesus, her mom, and her vocal coach – Miss Nonie.Her goal is to use her voice to spread the Gospel! Psalm 27:6 is her motto.
Robynne would like to thank her family, Miss Nonie, everyone who has given her an opportunity to sing publicly, and Renee and Evelyn for giving her a chance!